Put Your Business in the Fast Lane with ZEscrow and ZRent

When you partner with us for your business banking needs, we’re in your corner to help your business operate smarter and grow faster. That’s why we offer an experienced Commercial Services Team and comprehensive services, including our new services: ZEscrow and ZRent.

Both of these services automate tasks you do every day, allowing you to work more efficiently and focus your time on high-value activities. These third-party services are also cost effective because our commercial clients are eligible to use them free of charge with their accounts at Cornerstone Bank.


ZEscrow eliminates the headache of escrow and subaccounting in one elegant digital system that allows you to easily handle security deposits and escrow funds smoothly and securely.

This modern, convenient web platform keeps you effortlessly organized because it’s:

  • Fast. It takes only 30 seconds to open, fund, manage, or close escrow accounts; 60 seconds to gather and store W-9s online with DocuSign integration; and just two button clicks to access detailed reports and historical statements. You’ll also appreciate precise, customizable interest calculation and splitting.
  • Efficient. You and your designated team members can monitor and manage your escrow and subaccounts 100% online, 24/7. No more faxing signed forms or calls to check balances or make changes. You can also create 1–1000+ digital folders to match your internal filing system.
  • Flexible. The platform excels at unusual and complex workflows—such as 1031 exchanges, escrow and any sub accounting needs.


ZRent makes it simple for you to self-manage your rent collection process using an online portal. You can easily invite your tenants to set up their payments on the portal and even accept combined payments for rent-splitting scenarios.

Our easy-to-use online portal saves you time because it’s:

  • Fast. It takes only 30 seconds to set up new tenants and prompt them to set up a recurring payment.
  • Efficient. You’ll appreciate features like rent-splitting capabilities for multiple payers, payment forecasting, descriptive transactions, and monthly reporting.
  • Convenient. You can access your dashboard 24/7, including detailed reporting. Your renters will love the free, easy online access, ability to set up and track automated payments, rent-splitting options, and bank account privacy.

Zip Through the Minutia

We are proud to bring the time-saving benefits of ZEscrow and ZRent to our business banking customers. Reach out to our Commercial Services Team to learn more today.