The Future of Escrow Management and Subaccounting for Landlords

Easily handle security deposits and other escrow accounts smoothly and securely with ZEscrow. Our modern, convenient web platform for digital commercial escrow and subaccounting keeps you effortlessly organized.


  • Fast – Monitor and manage your escrow and subaccounts online on ZEscrow, 24/7.
  • Efficient – No more faxing signed forms or calls to check balances or make changes.
  • Flexible – Manage complex deposit flows headache-free.
  • Cost effective – Our commercial clients are eligible to use ZEscrow free of charge.


  • 24/7 access for designated team members
  • Open, fund, manage, or close your escrow accounts all in one location
  • Create over 1,000 digital folders to manage and organize your properties
  • Just 2 button clicks to access detailed reports and historical statements
  • Precise, customizable interest calculation and splitting
  • Flexible system for specialized use cases

There is no fee for ZEscrow.

Discover why this third-party service is the future of escrow management by filling out the form below, contacting our Commercial Services Team, or calling us at 800-939-9103.