Rent Collection with ZRent

Automate rent collection and save time with the ZRent online portal.

ZRent enhances the overall rental experience by providing a centralized hub for managed properties and saves time for both property owners and tenants. This platform prioritizes security in online transactions, ensuring a trustworthy environment for all.


  • Fast – Enjoy automated rent collection and easy online access for your tenants.
  • Efficient – Frees you to focus on higher-value tasks.
  • Convenient – Access your dashboard anytime.
  • Cost effective – Our commercial banking clients are eligible to use ZRent free of charge.


  • 24/7 access for landlords and tenants
  • Quick setup time for new tenants where they can be prompted to set up recurring payments, taking away the risk of forgetting to pay their rent
  • Safe and secure storing of sensitive banking information
  • Rent splitting capabilities for multiple payers
  • Descriptive transactions
  • Monthly reporting

Landlord or business owner must have a checking or savings account with Cornerstone Bank to use this product. There is no fee for the landlord or tenant to use this product.

Discover how this third-party service can streamline your rent collection process by filling out the form below, contacting our Commercial Services Team, or calling us at 800-939-9103.