Personal Fee Schedule

Abandoned Property Fee*$50.00
ATM/Debit Card alternate address mail delivery$20.00 per card
ATM/Debit Card Express Mail Delivery$40.00 per card
ATM/Debit Card lost or replacement card reorder Fee*$15.00 per card
Bank Check Fee$5.00 per item (one check free with withdrawal)
Copy of Bank Statement *$5.00 per statement
Check Printing Fee**Fees Vary
Account Inactivity Fee *
(Charged to accounts with no activity for 1096 days)
$4.00 (per month)
Levy Fee$75.00
Lost Passbook Fee$5.00
Nonsufficient Funds Fee-Paid*+$30.00 per item
Nonsufficient Funds Fee-Returned*+$30.00 per item
Uncollected Funds Fee*+$30.00 per item
Overdraft Protection Fee$5.00 per transfer
Stop Payment Fee (ACH, Checks, Bank Checks or Money Orders)$30.00 each
Temporary Account Checks$3.00 per sheet
Returned Check Charge (Deposited Items)$7.16
Exchange of Foreign Currency for US CurrencyFees Vary
Exchange of US Currency for Foreign CurrencyFees Vary
Exchange Foreign Check$35.00-Subject to Exchange Rate
Money Order Fee$3.00
Research Fee – (1 hour minimum)*$25.00 an hour
Wire Transfer Fees – Domestic Outgoing$25.00
Wire Transfer Fees – Foreign Outgoing
(Subject to exchange rate and additional fees as imposed by receiving bank)
Safe Deposit BoxesFee
Safe Deposit Box 2x5x20$35.00
Safe Deposit Box 3x5x22 & 3x5x20$40.00
Safe Deposit Box 4x5x20$50.00
Safe Deposit Box 5x5x22 & 5x5x20$60.00
Safe Deposit Box 3x10x22 & 3x10x20$70.00
Safe Deposit Box 5x10x22 & 5x10x20$100.00
Safe Deposit Box 10x10x22 & 10x10x20$150.00
Safe Deposit Late Fee (30 Days)$15.00

All fees and rates are subject to change.
*Notify us if you are 65 years of age or older or 18 years of age or younger. You are eligible for a waiver of these fees or a reduced fee of $5.00 for nonsufficient or uncollected funds.
**18/65 eligible are eligible for free Custom Creation checks – All other checks will be at the standard rate.

+This fee applies to items created by check, in-person withdrawals, ATM/Debit Card withdrawals, or other electronic means. For consumer checking accounts only, we will limit the fees to a maximum of 6 per day for nonsufficient funds and for uncollected funds. If you overdraw your account by less than $5.00, you will not be assessed the fee.