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  • How To Budget Effectively: A Guide to Financial Wellness

    Whether you’re saving for a home, paying off debt, or planning for retirement, a well-structured budget is your roadmap to financial success.

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  • Two female hands holding a keychain

    Home Sweet Home: Customized Lending Solutions for Every Homebuyer

    We understand that whether it’s your first house or you are upsizing, downsizing or building, buying a house is a significant milestone.

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  • Budget sheet with pen and calculator

    Financial Roadmap: Milestones for Every Decade

    Whether you realize it or not, you are on a lifelong financial journey—but you don’t have to travel alone. We share some of the guideposts by decade to help you successfully map your financial future.

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  • A home kitchen in the midst of a remodel

    Unlock the Power of Your Home with a HELOC

    There are a variety of ways to borrow money, ranging from credit cards to personal loans, but many consumers often overlook the opportunity afforded by what is likely their largest asset: their house.

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  • House-shaped keychain dangling from the lock of a door opened into a home

    The Mortgage Preapproval Process: What You Need to Know

    Getting preapproved for a mortgage before beginning your homebuying journey sets you up for the best possible outcome: finding your dream home at a price you can afford.

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  • Lease agreement and pen on a desk

    Put Your Business in the Fast Lane with ZEscrow and ZRent

    ZEscrow and ZRent automate tasks you do every day, allowing you to work more efficiently and focus your time on high-value activities for your business.

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  • 4 stacks of coins growing in size and a piggy bank

    Financial Resolutions: Get SMART for Success

    If your track record for new-year-resolution-keeping isn’t great, don’t give up. We’ve got the strategy you need for success in 2024.

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  • A hand holding a phone with lights behind it

    How to Choose a Checking Account That’s Right for You

    When it comes to checking accounts, there is no “one size fits all.” Learn the types of things you’ll want to consider when reviewing your options.

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  • printed credit reports on desk showing rising scores

    Raising Your Credit Score Is Easier Than You Think

    Despair of ever shaking less-than-desirable credit? Been turned down for a home or auto loan due to low scores? We understand that raising your credit score may seem like a daunting task, and we’re here to help—starting with some practical tips.

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  • hand behind a padlock and cybersecurity seal

    4 Essential Steps for Cybersecurity

    October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month—the perfect time to review some basic steps we should all take to keep ourselves safer online. Scammers never rest, but vigilance and a little effort can help keep them away from your information, identity, and money.

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  • Car game piece on a Monopoly board passing Go

    Pass Go: 5 Ways to Recognize Financial Awareness Day

    We understand that not everyone is as passionate about financial literacy as we are, but since it’s so essential, we wanted to share five ways to help you move forward.

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  • Woman with a calculator holding a piece of paper

    Certificates of Deposit 101: When and Why You Should Open a CD

    In today’s financial landscape, you need a secure and reliable way to grow your wealth. We understand the necessity for low-risk investment options with attractive returns, which is why we offer multiple certificates of deposit.

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