Cornerstone Bank unveils new ‘Interactive Teller Machine’ in Worcester

Hybrid technology fuses the convenience of an ATM with the personal service of a bank teller

Ribbon cutting at new 'interactive teller machine'

Cornerstone Bank just unveiled a new 'Interactive Teller Machine' (ITM) at its Park Avenue branch in Worcester.

“This new technology offers our customers the best of both worlds,” said Cornerstone Bank CEO Todd Tallman. “The ITM works the same as an ATM, but with the added capability to connect with one of our interactive customer service representatives via live video chat.”

Using their debit cards, customers can conduct the same transactions at an ITM as at an ATM, including making deposits of cash or checks, performing internal transfers between accounts, checking balances or withdrawing money. The ITM has the added capability of providing cash in multiple denominations, including coins.

During regular bank hours, customers can choose to engage with an interactive customer service representative (iCSR) by text or video chat if they have questions, need help with any of the standard ATM transactions, want to make a loan payment or wish to transfer funds to a secondary customer with an account at the bank. Because the ITM features an ID scanner, customers can also connect with an iCSR to perform transactions without their debit card. All iCSRs are located at the Cornerstone Bank Operations Center in Southbridge.

“We want to provide our customers with as many secure options as possible to bank in ways that work best for them,” said Cornerstone Bank EVP of Retail Banking, Altaf Ahmed. “The ITM expands the offerings of a traditional ATM, is simple to use and offers greater versatility. It’s a technology that merges convenience with personalized customer service.”