Cornerstone Bank contributes $15,000 to UMass Memorial Health Care

Funds will be used to expand a nutrition-focused ‘Food is Medicine’ program

Cornerstone Bank contributed $15,000 to UMass Memorial Health Care. The funds will be used to expand the hospital’s nutrition-focused “Food is Medicine” program, which aims to provide higher-risk patients with access to healthy food options that align with the diet recommendations provided by their physicians.

“We are proud to continue our ongoing support for the amazing healing work done every day at UMass Memorial,” said Cornerstone Bank CEO Todd Tallman. “Food insecurity is a serious issue for many people throughout our community, and this innovative program is designed to provide meaningful help to those who need it.”

UMass Memorial has partnered with a community-based organization, About Fresh, to implement this food intervention. The organization’s Fresh Connect program allows healthcare providers to load pre-paid debit cards for patients experiencing food insecurity. The Fresh Connect cards can be used at most grocery stores to purchase healthy food options only. The program allocates $80 per month to each card recipient for six months.

“The ‘Food is Medicine Program’ grew out of our desire to alleviate the impact of food insecurity among our patients and promote optimal health,” said UMass Corporate and Foundation Philanthropy Officer Jeff Aron. “We are grateful to Cornerstone Bank for helping us to increase the impact it provides.”