Cornerstone Bank contributes to the success of Worcester State University’s Bridge to Excellence: Summer STEM Retention Program

Cornerstone Bank is proud to announce the success of a significant multi-year contribution to Worcester State University’s Bridge to Excellence: Summer STEM Retention Program. The $18,000 donation helped the program to support incoming science, technology, engineering and math majors, strengthening the school’s retention in these important fields and helping more students to complete their degrees.

“The STEM fields are so important but also can be intimidating for many students in their first years of college,” said Cornerstone Bank CEO Todd Tallman. “In 2018 when we had the opportunity to help sponsor this pilot program, we jumped at the chance to give students more of a fighting shot in these difficult STEM courses.”

The program included three main elements to help students succeed. The first involved allowing students to take their first-year seminar course over the summer to lighten their first-semester course load. Second, students were offered extra support with math courses through exclusive tutoring services. And third, students participated in a service project to give back to the community that supported them. Over the multi-year project, Worcester State has supported 60 students and views the program as a great success.

“We enjoy helping people in our community succeed, especially young people,” continued Tallman. “To learn of the successes these students have achieved thanks to this program is inspiring. If our contribution was able to help even one student stick with the major they have dreamed of, we would deem it a success. But to see that dozens were helped was incredible.”