Certificates of Deposit

(Rates Subject to Change Without Notice)
All rates effective as of: [Today’s Date]

Certificates of Deposit

TypeMinimum to OpenMinimum to Earn APYAnnual Percentage Yield (APY)Interest Rate
8 Month Certificate$500.00$0.011.75%1.75%
12 Month Special Certificate $500.00 $0.01 3.00%2.96%
18 Month Special Certificate $500.00$0.013.25%3.20%

Tiered 15 Month Special Certificate of Deposit*

A minimum balance of $500.00 is required to open the account.

Tiered 15 Month Special Certificate*Opening Balance to Earn Stated APYMinimum to Earn APYAnnual Percentage Yield (APY)Interest Rate
$10,000.00-$149,999,99 $0.01 4.00%3.92%
$500,000.00 or more$0.014.25%4.16%

* Visit a branch or contact us at 800-939-9103 to open a tiered 15 month special certificate of deposit.

For additional rates and terms, please contact our Customer Information Center at 800-939-9103 or visit your local branch.

Please note: With fixed-rate term accounts, rates are guaranteed for length of term.
A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal. Early withdrawal penalties may reduce earnings. CDs that auto-renew with balances less than $500.00 will not earn interest.