120 Day Rate Lock and Shop Program

Lock Your Rate in Three Easy Steps

Are you concerned about rising mortgage interest rates during your ongoing search for your dream home? Cornerstone Bank has a solution to provide you with peace of mind. We can help you get pre-approved for your loan and lock in your interest rate for 120 days*. During this time period, your rate will not increase, leaving you more time to focus on your home search! Additionally, if interest rates decrease during this time, we have options for you to lower your rate.

With mortgage rates rising, locking in a lower rate can save you significant money over the life of a mortgage. For example, a 1% reduction in your mortgage rate can save you more than $98,000 on a $400,000 mortgage over 30 years. All you have to do is lock, search, and relax.

Lock Your Low Rate

Get pre-approved through Cornerstone Bank and lock in your interest rate!

Search for Your Home

Did rates increase while you were house hunting? No worries. Your rate is locked and will not go up for 120 days!


If rates drop during your lock period, we have options for you to lower your rate as well!

Contact Our Mortgage Loan Officers for More Information

We have an entire team to help find the best mortgage for you! You can also reach out directly to one of our Mortgage Loan Officers using the contact form below:


*Subject to credit approval, pre-approval with 120 day rate lock on a qualifying primary, single family, owner occupied or second home residence. Not available for all loan programs. Pre-approvals are subject to verification of credit, income, assets, and property approval. To guarantee 120 day rate lock, a qualifying property must be identified, and mortgage application submitted by the 75th calendar day from the date of the rate lock agreement. Rate lock terms are not guaranteed if: a. borrower changes loan products or terms, b. closing is delayed due to seller’s failure to close on time, c. borrower fails to meet contract requirements, d. closing is delayed due to a third party requirement, including appraisal and inspection, e. closing date is not included in the contract, or f. loan documentation or application contains fraudulent information. Cornerstone reserves the right to amend, terminate or withdraw this offer at any time without prior notice. Loans are subject to final credit approval.